photograph by Bretta C. Walker

Jean-Jacques Martinod is a filmmaker and multimedia artist. His works integrate non-fiction and experimental traditions using celluloid film, analogue tape, digital media, and archival findings.

- s  c  r  e  e  n  i  n  g  s -

*** served as curator


Images Festival | Toronto, Canada
Experiments in Cinema | Albuquerque, USA
Process Festival | Riga, Latvia
RiverRun International Film Festival | Winston-Salem, USA
Artists Television Access  | Analógica Selection Tour - Works by: Adriana Vila Guevara,  Kamila Kuc, Lorenzo Gattorna, Jean-Jacques Martinod, Bernd Lützeler, Péter Lichter, Richard Tuohy and Dianne Barrie | San Francisco, USA

II Muestra Internacional de Cine Experimental de la Cinemateca Nacional Ulises Estrella | Quito, Ecuador

Vorspiel Transmediale & CTM | Berlin, Germany

International Film Festival Rotterdam | Rotterdam, Netherlands

Revolutions Per Minute Fesitval | Boston, United States


Zumzeig Cinema | Analógica Selection Tour con Crater-Lab: Works by: Richard Tuohy,  Jean-Jacques Martinod, Pour Hosseini, Bernd Lützeler, Derek Taylor, Tinne Zenner, Péter Lichter | Barcelona, Spain
Shadowbox Studio
| An Aleatory Flame: Works by Jean-Jacques Martinod in the company of those by Annalisa D. Quagliatta, Gabriel Sanceau Fuks, Cristiana Miranda, Kyle Andrew Bell, and Colectivo Los Ingrávidos | Durham, United States ***

Rhizome DC | Works by Jean-Jacques Martinod, M. Woods, Ivonne Sheen, Rebeca Alván, Gabriel Sanceau Fuks, and Colectivo Los Ingrávidos | Washington D.C., United States ***

The Unforeseen Experimental Film Festival | Belgrade, Serbia

ULTRACinema Festival de Cine Experimental y Found Footage Xalapa, México

Analogica 8 | Bolzano, Italy

Pile of Bones Underground Film Festival | Regina, Canada

Centre for Expanded Poetics | Jean-Jacques Martinod Film Screening and Discussion | Montreal, Canada ***

Pugnant Film Series | Athens, Greece

Unseen Film Festival | Denver, United States

Counterpath Film Screening | Translations on the Voyage | Works by Jean-Jacques Martinod, Los Ingrávidos, Annalisa D Quagliata, Terra Long, Ojoboca, Jordan Belson | Denver, United States ***

Oftálmica Cine | Xalapa, México

Cinemateca Nacional Ulises Estrella de la Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana | Documentales Ecuatorianos | Quito, Ecuador

Fracto at ACUD MACHT NEU | Berlin, Germany

Cineautopsia Festival de Cine Experimental | Bogotá, Colombia

Encuentros Cinematográficos Cámera Lúcida | Cuenca, Ecuador

EDOC Encuentros del Otro Cine | Quito + Guayaquil, Ecuador

Les Inattendus festival de films (très) indépendants | Lyon, France

Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival for Expanded MediaStuttgart, Germany


ULTRAcinema Festival de Cine Experimental y Found Footage | Puebla, México

The Unforeseen Experimental Film Festival | Belgrade, Serbia

(H.E.F.F.) Haverhill Experimental Film Festival | Haverhill, United States

Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival | Hawick, Scotland

Oscillation Transia Film Festival | United States (Touring)


First Look Museum of the Moving Image | New York, United States

EDOC Encuentros del Otro Cine | Quito + Guayaquil, Ecuador

Funkafest | Guayaquil, Ecuador


FIDMarseille  | Marseille, France
Festival Dei Popoli | Florence, Italy

RiverRun International Film Festival | Winston-Salem, United States

Fantafestival | Rome, Italy


Festival de Cine La Orquídea | Cuenca, Ecuador

San Francisco Indiefest | Another Hole In The Head Film Festival | San Francisco, United States

Skena UP Film Festival | Pristina, Kosovo

Ivy Film Festival | Rhode Island, United States

Visions Film Festival and Conference | Wilmington, United States


Festival Internacional Cine//B | Santiago, Chile

Festival Internacional de Cine de Horror Aurora | Guanajuato, México

St. Petersburg Intl. Film Festival | St Petersburg, Russia

Festival Internacional de Cine en Centroamérica Ícaro | Guatemala City, Guatemala